Thursday, April 30, 2009

talking point #9

Christopher Kliewer  Schooling Children with Down Syndrome

"It reflected Shayne's unique approach to building community throughout the processes of leaning. Within the web activities, Shayne and her co-workers systematically developed opportunities for their students to engage with literacy and numeracy skills, problem-solving and critical thinking processes, and interpersonal capacities, Thought the children may not have been aware of it, leaning was always a central concern."
I think all schools that have a special education programs need to have dedicated people like Shayne that know how to keep the students attention and keep them leaning at the same time.  Where i work, about a year ago we hired someone with special needs.  On his first day the people working at that time had the person that was going to school to be a special education teacher train him on what to do.  I think anyone could have shown him what to do but they assumed he needed more training then any other person would have. It so not true.  He is a good worker and now he is friends with everyone but i didnt like how he was treated different on his first day just because he had some kind of special needs.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

diverisity Event

At first i went to the "Journey to Asia" to use as my diversity event. I let the weeks go by and did post anything about going and know that was a good thing. My friend at PC is in ROTC. I dont remember what it stand for and not really sure how to describe it. The best way to put it is a way to enter the armed forces while you are till going to school. You learn thing about he millitary all while remaining in school. In the spring every year they have a Millitary Ball for the seniors graduation and you learn what branch of the millitary each plan on entering. My friend asked me to go with her so she didnt have to go solo.

While i was there i noticed how more then 95% of the people there in uniform were white males. I notice only four other females there part of ROCT besides my friend. Only one of those females where black. As for the male close to all of them where white. As the ball started everyone went to thier seat and after the flags where marched in they went on to doing toasts. They where the normal things you would expect, but one of them was a little strange for this time in america. They toasted to the women that attened the ball and they refered to them as the lady that where the dates to all the men. What about the women in ROTC. they where not there just to be dates. After the toasts they asked the gentalman to seat there ladys. Yes its a very prober thing to do but what about the one girl i met thier that brought her female friend as a date. Who in that situation is supposed to sit who? What if a man brought another man as his date do they just both sit down after the women where seated or does one pull out the chair for the other?

Later on in the night one of the senoir was to announce the speaker. I dont know where the senoir stand or things like that but the senoir who did the announcing was a white male. Every speaker was a white male. Everyone who was important thier with the most tags and medels where white males.

The senoirs get the chance to make a video that mocks the higher up in the program before they leave and each other. The video was funney even if i did not personally know the people they were mocking. But the two senoirs the video made fun of was a female and a male who was married. The male they mocked was being mocked for being married and alway being controled by his wife. None of the other senior where made fun of. It was the feminity that was mocked when it involed the senoir. The teachers where not that way it was just about there oddness to put it nicely.

Delpit was screaming in my ear the whole night. "Rules and Codes of Power." "Rules and Codes of Power." "Look who has all the power in this room."

The milltary has made changed in the past years by allowing female to enter into the armed force, but i have yet to see one rise up to some of the position for years only men have heald.
Is it discirimation? Is it easyer for a man to get a promotion? I dont know because i dont see it. I am not in that would. but i can take a guess and say in some way both of those questions are answered with a "yes".

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Group:  Michael C, Kelly, Pat, Jared

Our first example is the youngest child in the movie that played outside with the other kids they included him in the game they played and even the other children wanted to show him how to play.
Richard learned more while included in the regular classes. The other kids in the room would fight over who would get to sit next to him in the front of the room.  They talked about a vocabulary game that played where he was memorizing the word of the game faster then they were moving forward with the game.  He learned more while included in the regular classroom then he did excluded in special classes.
At the end of the movie the school needed to create a new entrance to the school with a ramp to make it more accessible for every student .

page 93 a high-status student, Bubba, when to a gathering of school personnel on the issue of Becky's rights to an education in a regular setting.
page 77 The wild thing production was not an add-on to the preexisting curriculum. reflected Shayne's unique approach to a building community.
page 95 Through citizenship they came to be recognize as thinking creative individuals who added uniques and valuable dimensions to the group.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Talking Point #8

Jean Anyon "Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work"

"There has been little or no attempt to investigate these ideas empirically in elementary schools or secondary schools and classrooms in this country" I believe that this was true in 1980 when this article first appeared in Journal of Education. Today i can guess that this has been studied a lot especially after Anyon published her findings. Creating requirement for schools is all about where the school is and the population of students that attend that school. Stereotypes are also place on school in certain areas.

"The teacher told them the steps to follow to do the problems" I think Anyon has a negative view on step following but i think in certain subjects they are necessary. What bothers me more is her example about the teacher using steps was in math. Steps are nessasary in math no matter how high or low the level is. yes, later in math you learn more concepts and how to think about problem and connect every concept but learning two digit division is all about the step you take to get the division correct. With out teaching the step of adding fraction the 4th graders in my service learning class would have had a much harder time leaning it, more then they already did.

While reading Anyon's article i really notice myself thinking of the class i am doing my service learning in and also my own experiences in school. while she talked about the working class schools i really saw what she was describers in the learning methods. the 4th grade class i am in is taught exatcly like the one she observed under her working class category. The next category about the middle-class school was most like what i experience but not completely on point. unlike what she observed i was also told to use my creativity in school and i experienced some of what she observed in the last two categories.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talking Point #7

Peggy Orenstein Anita Hill is a Boy

Orenstein argues that there is not enough female role models in our history to create equality in the class room when teaching both genders.

"it disturbed me that although girls were willing to see men as heroes, none of the boys would see women that way." This is not surprising to me, when you look back at our own histroy most of the predominate figures are males. They call them our "founding fathers" even when women played a role in that too. Children are brought up that way. We teach our kids how to be girls and how to be boys. If a boy picks up a barbie and want to play with it we tell him thats for girls and give him a G.I. Joe, but if a girl startes to play with a G.I. Joe or likes to play sports its okay she is just viewed as a tom boy and thats acceptable.

"it's like 'Oh, a girl,' not like 'Oh, a body.'" this is said by one of the girls in Ms. Logan's class when they are talking about sexual harrasment. She also talkes about how she feels safer at school when she where cloths that are too big so she gets the reaction quoted. Girls want to be people not just an object, yet still many men see them as just object that cook and clean for them. The expectations of a women are not as high as they are for a man in the buisness would. Men get paid more to do the same job a women does. Men are expected to make the money and women are expected to stay at home and raise the family. Two things are wrong with that. First, today it is impossible for the average family to live off one income so in most cases both parents work. Second, there is nothing wrong if a women brings home more money or is the prime provider for the family.

"its not just a female job to change it, but a male job as well." I really like how the teacher said this to the class. It really help put into there heads that not everyone of the same gender acts the same. Its not just the job of females to change how men see them men have to start to call out other men when they act in a disrespectful way towards women and women can not just walk by and take it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Think Point #6

Charles Lawrence "One More River to Cross"

Lawrence argues that even though Brown v. Board of Education was pass by a unanimous vote in the supreme court is was still not accepted and fallowed by every American.

"Segregation's only purpose is to label or define blacks as inferior and thus exclude them from full and equal participation in society." This is one of the reasons that the Brown case holds such an important value. It tells people that separate is not equal. Blacks do not benifit from have their own all black school because they will still not receive the same education that the kids in the all white school will get. in that time teh all white school would get all teh better matierials and newer books when the black school would get the second rate things.

"Our fixation on the question of the propriety and efficacy of the remedy of busing and racial balance plans stem in large part from our tacit acceptance of the Court's rather narrow definition of the injury of segragation as resulting from the separation of black children from white chilren and th a fact ath alternative remedies have rarely been requested, much less graned." The problem can not be solved just by mixing black and white children in the same school. There as to be teaching going on about why this is being done and that the white children in that time period should not hate or abuse the black children. You can't just mix them together and hope they get along. People have to learn to be accepting and that does not happen over night. It still has not fully happed 50 plus years after the Brown case passed.

"the Supreme Court has refused to recongize that segregation will not die a natural death". this is true to this day. I remember learning about a Surpreme Court case in my Poly Sci class last year. It was about a white man pressing charged agienst a medical school for not accepting him. There was only a few spots open for people to be accepted and a black aplicant was accepted over the white man only because he was black. The white man had better test score and other things of that nature but the school took the black student to show that they had diveisty at their school. I think that wrong on the school part to almost fake it. that they want only the best students but to take someone only because of thier race over someone who is more quilfied is wrong.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Talking Point #5

Joseph Kahne and Joel Westheimer In the Service of What?

Kahne and Westheimer argue that in Service Learning there is a difference between charity and change. It is also true that in our world both are needed equally.

This article brought up something very interesting that i never really thought about. Charity is very different from change but charity can bring about the change you are looking for. The examples of the two teachers who do service learning project in there class really show the difference between charity and change. "a service learning curriculum can further a number of goals". By teaching students how to learn at the same time as helping other people you can have your students get both an education and experience that will shape their thinking.

"Democratic politics has become something we watch rather thean something we do." What the government does is more charity then change. The government whats to save money so they will do the minor things that temporally fix a problem rather then spend all the money at once fixing the problem for the long run.

Charity vs. Change
Charity is and the now and affects people right away. It is needed because people need help and charity is a way to help them.
Change affect people for the long run and may not carry the shame that some charity may.